Illustration of a person entering a building in winter.

Title: Safe Winter Walking (Entering Buildings)

  • Wipe your shoes on mats
  • Watch for melted snow and ice
  • Remove traction cleats when entering a building
Illustration of a person getting out of a car in winter.

Title: Safe Winter Walking (Exiting Vehicle)

  • Maintain three points of contact when stepping out of higher vehicles (trucks, SUVs, etc.)
  • Use the vehicle for support
  • Do not grab objects as you are exiting - Exit vehicle then retrieve items
Illustration of a person going down outside stairs in winter.

Title: Safe Winter Walking (Steps)

  • Wear proper footwear
  • Maintain your center of balance
  • Take steps slowly
  • Use hand rails
  • Avoid talking on cell phones
Poster listing tips to avoid heat-related illness.

Title: When it's HOT...

  • ACCLIMATE. Increase exposure and workload gradually.
  • APPROPRIATE CLOTHING.  Light, loose clothing.
  • HYDRATION.  Drink 6-8 ounces water before working in heat and 8 ounces every 20 minutes.  
  • ADEQUATE REST PERIODS.  Work at a steady pace.  Take breaks in a cooler or shady area if possible.  
  • JOB ROTATION.  When possible, rotate tasks between two or more employees.
  • EDUCATION.  Know how heat stress manifests and proper actions to take for each.

Water is Essential!