The majority of incidents at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln can be avoided by taking a few minutes prior to starting a task to think about the task and plan ahead to mitigate potential hazards.  Following are graphics commissioned through University Communications by the Chancellor's University Safety Committee to raise awareness for the campus community of the need to always "plan ahead" before starting a task.  Please share broadly with your friends, colleagues, safety committee/team, etc.  Graphics are provided in PDF format (click image) so you can print to share/display.  If you do not have the capability to print in color, contact EHS ( or 402.472.4925).

Do you have Digital Signage? All graphics to raise awareness of the need to plan ahead to avoid injury are available through the UNL (Digital) Content Library.  Alternatively, we would be happy to provide an electronic file suitable for digital display upon request at or 402.472.4925. 

Before stepping into the lab Plan Ahead

Your work mistake could become a real headache Plan Ahead

Think smart, stay safe Plan Ahead