poster describing how to properly dispose different types of batteries

Title: Battery Disposal

  • Universal Waste batteries - insulate terminals before placing into collection container
  • Lead Acid - Trade in or Tag for EHS collection
  • ONLY alkaline batteries may go into regular trash
poster describing how to dispose glass properly

Title: Glass Disposal

  • No glass to regular trash
  • All glass to rigid container, sealed, labeled
Poster describing how to find the Student Injury Reporter button and Employee Near Miss reporting system on the EHS website.

Title: Near Miss...Near Hit?

  • How to access the Student Injury Reporter Link on the EHS web site
  • How to access the Employee Near-Miss/Close Call Reporting System on the EHS web site
poster showing an overloaded power strip and power strip scorched with burn marks.

Title: Too Many Wires Cause Electrical Fires

  • NEVER exceed the rated loads for power strips.
  • AVOID plugging appliances with heating elements into power strips.
  • NEVER use multi-plug adapters that do not have integrated surge suppressors.
  • ONLY use extension cords on a temporary basis.