Following are graphics commissioned through University Communications by the Chancellor's University Safety Committee.  This table below suggests timeframes within which to use each graphic to help insure a consistent message across both campusus.  Graphics are provided in PDF format so you can print a poster/posters yourself.  If you do not have the capability to print in color, contact Elizabeth (Betsy) Howe at

poster showing a bicycle crash happening because of devices

Multitask or multi-person crash?
(pdf or jpg)

March to May

poster advising cyclist and pesdestrians to not play Pokemon Go while walking

Don't Pokeman Go to the hospital. Heads up. Phones Down.
(pdf or jpg)

June to August

poster encouraging people to pay attention while cycling

Forget your FOMO. Heads up. Phones down.
(pdf or jpg)

September to November

poster encouraging people to not text and drive

Whats worse than missing a text? Hitting send and a car.
(pdf or jpg)

December to February