Date Topics Covered
June 12, 2024 Drowsy Driving Kills; Minimize Harmful Insect Encounters; Avoid Slips, Trips & Falls; "Can do"=Near Miss
May 8, 2024 Plant Research at UNL; UNL Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Updates; National Motorcycle Safety Month & National Bicycle Safety Month; Avoid Heat Illness
April 3, 2024 Situational Preparedness - Distracted Driving; Severe Weather Awareness; Safety Spotlight - Sharps Use & Disposal
March 6, 2024 Grain Bin Safety; Ladder and Step Stool Safety; Safety Spotlight: Compressed Gas Cylinder Restraint; Seat Belts Make a Difference
February 7, 2024 Be Ready for an Emergency at Work; Locate and Maintain your AED; Electrical Safety in the Office; Safety Spotlight: Spills Kits, Door Placards; Navigating Black Ice
January 10, 2024 Safely Removing Snow; Safety Spotlight: Chemical Labeling & Storage; Safely Using and Disposing of "Sharps"; Defensive Driving - Buckle Up
December 6, 2023 Stormwater Illicit Discharges at UNL; Reduce the Risk of Back Injuries; Keep the Holidays Festive and Safe: Safety Shorts - Holiday Safety Around the House (Safety Tips for Your Christmas Tree, 12 Tips for the Winter Holiday Season, Ladder Safety for Holiday Decorating); Carbon Monoxide is a Silent Killer; Situational Preparedness-Pedestrian/Distracted Walking Injuries Soar
November 1, 2023 Solving Slips, Trips & Falls; Staying Safe Outdoors in Cold Weather; Safe Winter Walking; Safety Shorts - Safe Winter Driving (AARP Winter Driving Tips, Consumer Reports Essential Winter Driving Tips); Are You Properly Handling Waste Items? 
October 12, 2023 Biosafety & Biosecurity; Your Eyes May Depend on an Eyewash; Do You Know if your Disinfectants are Expired?; Situational Preparedness - Drowsy Driving; Harvest Time - Hazard Time
September 13, 2023 AEDs, PulsePoint® & CPR; Stop the Bleed®; Do You See the Hazard?; Situational Preparedness - Micro Stressors Impact; National Farm Safety & Health Week Resources
July 6, 2023 Is This What You See Out Your Windshield?; Minimize Harmful Insect Encounters; 25 Steps to a Safer Office (Part 2)
May 4, 2023 Situational Preparedness - Bicycle Safety and Motorcycle Safety Months; Prevent/Reduce the Risk of Heat Illness; 25 Steps to a Safer Office (Part 1)
April 5, 2023 Distracted Driving Awareness Month; Severe Weather is Coming; Video Safety Tips - Driving & Dodging Disaster (Disaster Dodgers: Severe Weather (FEMA) - 8 Driving Tips to Driving in Fog, Rain, or a Storm (Bright Side) - Tornados: 4 Safe Areas - Severe Weather Safety - Safety Training Video (Safety Memos) - Really Obvious UNL Emergency Preparedness (YouTube - various)); Safe Use of Sharps; Annual Stormwater Report Feedback
March 8, 2023 Situational Preparedness - Aggressive Driving; Focus on Ladder Safety; Safety Shorts - Ladder & Step Stool Safety (Werner Ladder-Climbing Pro Ladder Safety Training; Ladder and Step Stool Safety); Wear Eye Protection; Fall Injury Incidents at UNL
February 8, 2023 Are You Familiar with Your Emergency Action Plan?; The ABCs of AEDs; Extra Care Using Canned Air; Grain Bin Safety
January 11, 2023 Lab Coats in a Vending Machine; Safe Snow Removal; Safety Shorts - Carbon Monoxide Safety (The Quiet Killer; Winter Safety Types); Situational Preparedness - Parking Lot Safety; Plan Ahead - Winter
December 7, 2022 Can You Find the Safety Hazards in this Office Setting?; Holiday Safety Hints; Safety Driving in Winter + Driving in the Dark; Dehydration Risk in Winter
November 16, 2022 Reducing Pollution in Stormwater Runoff; Find Out What EHS Training You Have Taken; Tips to Avoid Winter Injury Incidents
September 7, 2022 Situational Preparedness - Complacency Kills; Why You Need a Chemical Inventory; National Farm Safety & Health Week
August 3, 2022 Bicycling Safety; Ready for an Emergency?; CPR and AEDs; Stop the Bleed®
July 13, 2022 Safe Use of Extension Cords; Safety Shorts - Extension Cord Tips (Videos: Extension Cord Safety, Extension Cord Safety Virtual Demonstration); ATV & UTV Safety; Situational Preparedness - Summer Driving Tips; GHS Awareness Quiz
June 8, 2022 Stormwater Management - Sustainable Yard Work Practices; Avoid Disease from Insect Bites; Plan Ahead and Heads Up! for Safety
May 11, 2022 Situational Preparedness - National Bicycle Safety, Motorcycle Safety Month; Excessive Heat: Awareness & Safety; Hydration Necessary in Heat/Humidity
April 4, 2022 Severe Weather Possible Anytime; Office Safety Shorts - (Videos: Office Safety Animation; Office Safety Training; Hazards in the Office); April Distracted Driving Awareness; Colors of Safety
March 24, 2022 Ladder Safety Month; Safety Shorts - Using Ladders Safely (Mobile Ladder Safety; Articulated Ladder Safety; Single and Extension Ladder Safety; How to Use Ladders Safely|This Old House); Wearing Eye Protection; Situational Preparedness Tips
February 9, 2022 Do You Have an Up-to-Date Emergency Action Plan?; What You Need to Know About AEDs; Grain Bin Safety Week; Work Safely in the Office
January 12, 2022 Safe Snow Shoveling and Snow Blowing; Safety Shorts - Snow Shoveling/Snow Blower Tips (Snow Shoveling Safety; Easy Snow Shoveling Techniques - LST; Snow Blower Safety); Situational Preparedness - Driving in the Dark; Safety in the Office
December 16, 2021 Holiday Safety; Safety Shorts - Holiday Safety Tips (Safety Tips for your Christmas Tree; 5 Holiday Cybersecurity Tips; 12 Tips for the Winter Holiday Season); Situational Preparedness - Commit, Watch, Respond; Plan Ahead to Avoid injury
November 3, 2021 Winter Walking & Working Safety; Carbon Monoxide - The Silent Killer; Electrical Safety in the Office
October, 6, 2021 Innovation in Biosafety and Biosecurity; Landscaping Tips for Improving Local Water Quality; Situational Preparedness - Cell Phone Dangers; Harvest Time = Hazard Time; Eye Injury Prevention.
September 9, 2021 Ten Often-Ignored Office Hazards; Situational Preparedness - Driving Safely in the Rain; Farm Safety Resources (Part of Farm Safety Week)
August 4, 2021 Do You Have an Emergency Plan?; CPR to Save a Life; Find an AED
July 7, 2021 Office Safety - 7 Tips; Safety Shorts - Office Safety (Office Safety Training; Slips, Trips, & Falls; Quick Inspections-Inspect Workplace; Prevent Accidents); Situational Preparedness - 7 Deadly Distractions; Academic Lab Safety: Important Reminders; Near Misses at UNL
June 2, 2021 Keeping Stormwater Runoff Sustainable at Home (Lawns & Gardens); Safety 24/7 for National Safety Month; Situational Preparedness - Far Hand Reach and Other Safety Tips
May 5, 2021 Situational Preparedness - National Bicycle Safety, Motorcycle Safety Month; Avoid Insect Bite Disease; Prevent/Reduce the Risk of Heat-Related Illness; Drinkable PPE: Health & Safety Protection from the Inside Out
April 7, 2021 Severe Weather Awareness; Safety Shorts - Be Prepared (Really Obvious: Storm Ready, Lightening, Shakeout, Tornado Shelter, Tornado Tips); Safety Hazard Walkaround; 3D Printing Safety; Situational Preparedness - Distracted Driving Month
March 10, 2021 Introducing the UNL Green Infrastructure Map; Ladder Safety Month, Safety Shorts - Using Ladders Safely (Ladders and Falls-Safety Training Video; Single and Extension Ladder Safety); Situational Preparedness - Buckle Up Phone Down; Lessons Learned - Fluoride Exposure and Response
February 3, 2021 Ready for an Emergency?; AEDS - Use, Location & Maintenance; Situational Preparedness - Distracted Driving is Deadly Serious; Hand Sanitizer Safety; Federal & State Agency Inspections.
January 13, 2021 Safe Snow Shoveling & Snow Blowing; Safety Shorts - Snow Shoveling/Snow Blower Safety (Snow Shoveling Saving; Easy Snow Shoveling Techniques; Snow Blower Safety; Snow Blower Safety Tips); Situational Preparedness - Overcome Distracted Driving
December 9, 2020 Slips, Trips & Falls in Winter; Holiday Safety; Safety Shorts - Holiday Safety Tips (Holiday Safety Tips from UL; Prevent Some of the Most Common Hazards); 12 Tips for the Winter Holiday Season; Situational Preparedness - Safe Holiday Driving
November 4, 2020 Winter Walking, Winter Working, & Carbon Monoxide Danger; Situational Preparedness - Rules for Staying Safe on the Road; Laboratory Near Miss with Ethanol
October 14, 2020 Mitigate Hazards Associated with Harvest; On the Road - Driver Safety for All During Harvest; Eye Injury Prevention - You Only Get One Set; You Need a Helmet for Horseback Riding; Safety Shorts - Horseback Riding Safety for All Levels (Horseback Riding Safety Check by NC State 4-H Horse Program; Signs, Symptoms, and Helmet Safety by US Equestrian); Situational Preparedness - Roadway Safety & Covid-19 
September 2, 2020 National Farm Safety Week; Circular and Band Saw Safety; Safety Shorts - Circular and Band Saw Safety (Circular Saw Safety by Tool Institute; Band Saw Safety Video by Wood Workers Guild); Cleaning Accident With Bleach
August 5, 2020 PulsePoint, CPR and AEDs; Ready for an Emergency?; Situational Preparedness - Heads Up!; PPE Reminder - Lab vs SARS-CoV-2
July 1, 2020 Are You Prepared for Severe Weather?; Safety Shorts - Be Prepared (Lightning Safety for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community (with voice also); Immersive Mixed Reality; Surviving the Tornado; Great ShakeOut Earthquake Safety Video Series-7 videos); Situational Preparedness - A Safe Drive
June 3, 2020 Biosafety 100: Research Compliance - Significant Updates; Researcher Exposure to Hydrogen Fluoride; All Terrain Vehicle Safety
May 6, 2020 Mosquitos, Ticks and Disease; Take Care When Working in the Heat; Safety Shorts-Hot Weather Hazards (7 Ways to Beat the Heat-Hot Weather Hazards-Preventing Illness & Deaths in Hot Environments); Keeping Stormwater Runoff Sustainable (Lawns & Gardens)
February 12, 2020 Do You Know the Plan for Emergency Action?; AEDS and You; Situational Preparedness-Intersection Safety; Safety Shorts-Intersection Safety (How to Navigate Through a Roundabout, Who Has the Right of Way at a 4-Way Stop Sign; Right of Way at Uncontrolled Intersection); EPA Not the Only Agency 
January 10, 2020 25 Steps to a Safer Office; Office Safety Initiative; Safe Snow Shoveling and Snow Blowing; Safety Shorts-Snow Blowing and Snow Shoveling Safety (Snow Shoveling Safety, Easy Shoveling Techniques; Snowblower Safety; Snow Blower Safety by Cleveland Clinic)