Laboratory Safety Colloquium Series

EHS, in partnership with the Office of Research and Economic Development, sponsors a spring and fall Laboratory Safety Colloquium Series for Principle Investigators, research staff, and graduate students.


DISASTER!  Protect Yourself & Your Research  

Join Mark Robertson, UNL Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, for the Fall Laboratory Safety Colloquium on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

There will be two sessions for your convenience. Select the one that works best for you.

10:00 a.m. - Noon, East Campus Union OR
3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m., Hamilton Hall, Room 102

Natural and man-made disasters can result in loss of property, life, data, and access to critical research facilities. Plan to attend if you work in any kind of research laboratory. Learn new skills to help you pre-plan and mitigate adverse consequences, both short and long-term.

Click here for the Publicity Poster to share with others in your lab.  No pregistration necessary.

For further information or to suggest future colloquium topics contact Elizabeth (Betsy) Howe at or (402) 472-5488.


Previous Sessions

USDA-APHIS Veterinary Service Permits - April 2014
Information valid as of 4/2/2014. Review current USDA-APHIS Veterinary Services permit requirements when planning your research

Video (run time: 26 minutes)

USDA-APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Permits - September 2013
Information valid as of 9/18/2013. Review current USDA-APHIS PPQ permit requirements when planning your research.

Video (run time: 1 hour 19 minutes)

NIOSH Workshop: Building a Risk Management Program for Nanomaterials - June 2013

  1. Building a Risk Management Program for Nanomaterials
    Video (run time: 1 hour 18 minutes)
  2. NIOSH - Nanotechnology Research Center Active in the Lab and in the Field
    Video (run time: 1 hour)
  3. Risk Assessment Approaches for Nanomaterials
    Video (run time: 23 minutes)
  4. An Exposure Assessment Strategy for Nanoparticles
    Video (run time: 1 hour 34 minutes)
  5. Control Banding
    Video (run time: 54 minutes)
         a.  Risk Phases: Designated Hazardous Substances. NOHSC: 10005 (1999)
         b.  Control Banding (Good Nano Guide)
         c.  Silver Powder MSDS
         d.  Artificial Butter Flavor Safety Data Sheet (Firmenich)

Enhancing Laboratory Safety - April 2013

Video (run time: 1 hour 44 minutes)

Machine Shop Safety - November 2012

General Machine Safety SOP   

Safe Handling: Unstable, Reactive, Energetic Chemicals - April 2012

Video (run time: 23 minutes)
American Chemical Society - Creating Safety Cultures in Academic Institutions Report

Safe Handling: Highly Toxic Chemicals, Reproductive Toxins (Mutagens & Teratogens) and Biologically-derived Toxins" - October 2011

Video (run time: 67 minutes)

Flammable-Corrosive-Toxic Gas Safety - February 2011

Video(run time: 27 minutes)

Pyrophorics (Air-Sensitive) Chemical Safety - September 2010

Video (run time: 54 minutes)

Cryogen Safety - February 2010

Video (run time: 25 minutes)

Steam Sterilization Using Autoclaves - September 2009


Laser Safety: Hazards, Bioeffects, and Control Measures - February 2009

Handout: Choosing Eyewear: Questions for Optical Density Calculations

Centrifuges: Research or Rocket? - September 2008

Video (run time: 44 minutes)
Handout 1: Maintenance (swinging rotors)
Handout 2: Maintenance (general)

Preventing Laboratory Fires - March 2008

Tri-State Flashover Video (run time: 7:05)
Preventing Laboratory Fires Video(run time: 53 minutes)
Laboratory Fire Hazards

Chemical Safety: What you don't know can hurt you! - September 2007

Video (run time: 46 minutes)
Chemical Trivia

Exposure Control - Ventilated Hoods, Cabinets, & More - February 2007

Presentation Slides | Video 9 (for slide 8) | Video 11 (for slide 9)
Video (run time: 58 minutes)
Fume Hood Basics Video (run time: 5 minutes) QuickTimeMediaPlayer

Electrical Safety in the Laboratory - September 2006

Video (run time: 45 minutes)

Compressed Gas Cylinders - February 2006

Video (run time: 45 minutes)



* Sponsored by Environmental Health and Safety in collaboration with the Office of Research & Economic Development.