Safety Snippets

December 2016 Humans are explorers by nature and tend to be more engaged when discovering information for themselves. Broadcasting "shoulds" and "have-tos" quashes energy and internal motivation.
October 2016 Effective safety communication maintains a focus on safety.  
June 2016 Excerpt from an article on 8 principles for smarter safety metrics.
April 2016 A systematic path toward the goal of worker engagement, key to attaining the highest levels of safety excellence.
February 2016 The use of praise as a valuable tool to promote safety behaviors and practices.
October 2015 Constructive approaches facilitate the effectiveness of corrective reminders regarding safety issues.
August 2015 Five ways to encourage a positive safety culture.
June 2015 Understanding information processing by adult learners is crucial to conveying safety considerations in the workplace.  
April 2015 Safety and motivation: how de-motivation can creep into the workplace.